Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring Meeting Details

Hi all,

The ARLIS/NA, Northern California Chapter's spring meeting is exactly a month away! Here is a link to the tentative agenda, which in turn includes a link to a map of the proposed locations:

We're asking that you RSVP as soon as possible for several different items:

(1) Whether you'll be attending the meeting itself, so that we know how many chairs, pastries, etc. we'll need.

(2) Whether you'll want to carpool from the Richmond BART station to the Richmond Public Library--or whether you're willing to help bring other from the BART station to the Library in your car (Both Lisa and Anna have cars and are planning on contributing to the shuttling!). We'll assume, generally, that if you need a ride or have volunteered to drive in the morning, this will also be the case after the meeting, at lunchtime, after lunch, etc.--but please let us know if not.

(3) Whether you'll be joining us for lunch at the Boilerhouse. We have a reservation for a large group, but we want to make sure that our numbers are not significantly higher or lower than estimated.

Again, feel free to contact us if you have any announcements or items you'd like to add to the agenda, or if you'd like to present a short report on your experiences at the national conference.

Thanks--looking forward to seeing you in May!

Anna Fishaut, Chair
Lisa Conrad, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect

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